About us

We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our staff will always welcome you with friendly, attentive service.


Tony Perrett - Managing Director

Phone: 01932-245-800

Mobile: 07969-535-530

E-mail: tperrett@adcolour.co.uk

Dave Crowley - Managing Director

Phone: 01932-245-800

E-mail: sales@adcolour.co.uk


Phil Crowley - Office Manager

Phone: 01932-245-800

E-mail: philcrowley@adcolour.co.uk

Anthony Perrett - Office Team

Phone: 01932-245-800

E-mail: anthony@adcolour.co.uk

Tracey Day - Office Team

Phone: 01932-245-800

E-mail: tracey@adcolour.co.uk

Damien Spillane - Uk Sales Manager

Phone: 01932-245-800

Mobile: 07818-553-920

E-mail: damienspillane@adcolour.co.uk

Alan Wyeth - Colour-matching Department

Phone: 01932-245-800

E-mail: colourmatching@adcolour.co.uk

Shawn Kelly - Screen Stretching Department

Phone: 01932-245-800

Eve Mowbray - Accounts Department

Phone: 01932-245-800

E-mail: eve@adcolour.co.uk

Steve Smith - Van Driver